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Professional therapeutic massage therapy in Kansas City, MO by Aaron Harris, BCTMB

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Benefits of a Mobile In-home Massage


When you live in Kansas City, a mobile massage therapist can be a real blessing.


You probably already know the benefits of a massage. You know about the relaxing effects, and the pain relief a good professional massage can provide.

But, you’re probably missing out on even better results from a massage session by having to get into your car and fight Kansas City traffic before and after!

Can you imagine how much better you will feel after an hour of deep tissue or relaxing Swedish Massage if you didn’t have to worry about:

Beat Kansas City traffic by getting a mobile massage!
Beat Kansas City traffic by getting an in-home mobile massage!
  • the business hours of a local spa?
  • allowing extra time for traffic (especially in Kansas City)?
  • parking, including the cost of a garage or meters and in some neighborhoods, walking several blocks?
  • dealing with a front desk and the phone calls and other walk-in customers ruining your relaxation?
  • anxiety about disrobing in a public place?
  • feeling too relaxed or “wiped out” after your massage to safely drive home?

Mobile Massage Convenience

You can save hours of travel time. Need to fit in a CranioSacral Massage before the kids get home from school? An early work meeting means you need to be relaxed and in bed earlier than normal? Work an unusual shift and can only find time to get a massage after normal business hours?

Making a mobile massage appointment with me to come to your home in the greater Kansas City area is easy and convenient. In just a few clicks, you can schedule your massage and get on with your day.

Booking a mobile massage can limit the amount of time and you need to set aside for treatment. It can also extend the available time of day to get an appointment.

A mobile, in-home massage is the perfect solution for clients who are home-bound due to pregnancy, injury, age, anxiety, or illness. A large part of my specialty is in home or hospital hospice massage


Booking a mobile massage with me means you can use:

  • your own shower with your own hair and skin products.
  • your towels.
  • your sheets and pillowcases.
  • your slippers.
  • your music.

The privacy of your own home also means that you don’t have to get dressed up to be presentable in public. You can feel comfortable to disrobe and not worry about being exposed to a stranger.

Cost of a Kansas City Mobile Massage

A Kansas City mobile massage session with me costs less than a spa appointment. In the Greater Kansas City area, there are a wide variety of price points for an hour of massage. Sure, there are some locations that offer an hour of massage for what seems to be cheaper than a session with me. Those places often employ students or unlicensed massage practitioners. They also rely on “upselling” you to purchasing memberships or products to increase your grand total.

You also need to factor in the cost of driving, parking, and most importantly your time. When you book a session with a mobile massage therapist, you don’t have to worry to about these factors.


There are some “big box” massage chains in Kansas City. They pay low wages to their therapists. They have a lot of overhead costs, such as the rent for a retail space in the Plaza or Overland Park. They also have equipment, laundry, and utility costs.

Because of these overhead costs, they almost always hire students or recent massage school graduates who will work for a lot less money.

I have had my massage license since 2012 and have worked with thousands of clients. This means I have performed tens-of-thousands of hours of hands-on treatment with real patients who have real injuries and unique needs.

I’ve been voted one of the “Best Massage Therapists in Kansas City.

I also bring an extra level of experience as an ex-paramedic. I have had advanced training in injury mechanics, first aid, and anatomy.

You won’t find this experience at Massage Envy.

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