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Anxiety About Getting a Massage


Anxiety about getting a massage is not uncommon. Many clients feel some uncertainty about inviting a virtual stranger into their home to do bodywork.

Anxiety about our first appointment
Many clients experience anxiety before their first appointment with a mobile massage therapist.

Reddit user, SchopenhauersSon, asked me, “How would you advise a client who actually gets more anxious during massages (to the point of panic attacks)? Is it simply “don’t get massages?”

Here is my response:

I would advise the client to be open about the anxiety with me. If we can figure out the root cause of the anxiety, or any of the triggers that make anxiety worse, we can modify the session to accommodate. 

Is the anxiety based on a fear of judgment/body issues? Worry about being assaulted? Uncomfortable with nudity

What are some ways that might alleviate the anxiety, like continuous conversation or silence during the session? 

I practice many different modalities that can either encourage or discourage communication during the session. 

Massage can be a huge help in relieving anxiety and stress for most clients. Find a massage therapist that has the right answers to your concerns and build an ongoing relationship with that therapist so that each successive session is more comfortable than the last.

From a recent AMA on Reddit

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