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How to Ease Back into a Fitness Routine


It’s the new year, and your local gym is seeing a massive influx of clients who have made regular exercise one of their New Year’s resolutions. Again. Whether it’s been weeks, months, or years since you’ve last stuck to a regular fitness routine, getting back into shape can seem like a huge challenge

Getting back on the treadmill as part of your new fitness routine.
I like to call these machines "coat hangers."

. Here are some tips on how to ease back into your routine:

  • Don’t Overdo It. Your body is probably not used to the same level of athletic activity as it was before your break. Start slowly to build your tolerance. Pushing yourself too hard, too quickly, can easily lead to an injury, or discouragement.
  • Don’t Rush It. You can’t suddenly decide to go from zero trips to the gym per week to six or more. This will make your goals seem especially difficult to reach. Start out with one or two visits per week to begin forming a new pattern of behavior. This will make sticking to your resolution much easier.
  • Don’t Focus on the Past. In the beginning, you may feel discouraged to learn just how out of shape you’ve become. Dwelling on these memories of how fit you used to be will just make you want to give up. Don’t! Allow some self compassion and focus on setting smaller fitness goals and celebrate reaching them.
  • Don’t Forget to Recover. Schedule rest days as they are vitally important for long-term wellness. you body needs time to regularly repair and replenish. Increasing your physical activity will often mean that your body will require a little more sleep than you’re used, so don’t be afraid to add naps to your daily routine, or simply tuck yourself into bed a little earlier in the night.
  • Stay Hydrated. When you increase your physical activity with a new fitness routine, your body will need more water than you may be used to drinking. Dehydration can lead to headaches, muscle pain, and fatigue. Invest in a new reusable water bottle and get in the habit of carrying it everywhere you go.
  • Improve Your Nutrition. An active body requires different vitamins and nutrients than a sedentary one. Increase your protein intake, limit refined sugars, and consider adding a multivitamin to your morning routine.
  • Don’t Skip Out on Massages. This new increase in your physical activity can make your muscles sore and tired. Getting a regular massage can help prevent injuries and flush lactic acid from your muscle tissue, leading to better, longer workouts.


“New Year, New You” can be achieved if you follow these simple tips. Don’t give up!

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