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Benefits of Hot Stone Massage


There are many benefits to a hot stone massage session, including: tension and pain relief, stress reduction, and promotion of sleep.

What are hot stones and how are they used?

Smooth, flat stones typically made of basalt are heated to around 140 degrees Fahrenheit and are placed at multiple points on your body. They can also be held in the massage therapist’s hands while they apply pressure and use various strokes along your muscles.

Stones are often placed:


  • along the length of your spine
  • on your face
  • on the palms of your hands
  • between your toes
  • on your stomach
  • on your chest
The addition of weighted heat can help your muscles relax, making your massage session more productive.


man lying face down with hot stones on his back

Benefits of Adding Hot Stones to Your Massage Session

Muscle tension and pain relief

Heat helps increase blood flow and circulation. Additionally, in may also increase flexibility, range of motion, and can break an active muscle spasm.

Reduction of stress and anxiety

Weighted heat has long been used as a treatment for anxiety and stress. 

Improved sleep

Adjusting your body’s temperature often promotes sleep onset and restfulness. 

Reduces Autoimmune Disease symptoms

Hot stone massage can help relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases, such as fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. This works by decreasing levels of pain-transmitting hormones.

Relief of some cancer-related symptoms

Warm and comforting human touch plays a role in reducing pain, fatigue, stress, nausea, and depression in people suffering from cancer, according to a study published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management.

Immunity boost

Studies have suggested that hot stone massage has a positive effect on immunity. This works by decreasing hormones that affect blood pressure and water retention.


Hot stone therapy may not be appropriate for clients who have:

  • burns
  • open wounds
  • recent surgery
  • bleeding disorders, or who are taking blood thinners
  • clotting risk
  • diabetes
  • recent fractures
Be sure to discuss these conditions with your massage therapist prior to your session.

Hot Stone Add-on is Now Available

I am now offering hot stones as an add-on for select in-my-home massage therapy sessions. Simply choose the add on when booking your next Swedish, Shiatsu, Craniosacral, Deep Tissue, or Reflexology massage.

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