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Professional therapeutic massage therapy in Kansas City, MO by Aaron Harris, BCTMB

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Teres Major and Minor

The Teres Major and Teres Minor Muscles

The Teres Major and Teres Minor muscles lie at the bottom outside edge of the shoulder blades (scapulae). Teres Minor is one of the four muscles of the “rotator cuff.” The location of Teres Major and Teres Minor. Teres Minor

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Massage after a stroke

Massage After a Stroke

Massage after a stroke can be beneficial, but there are certainly some complications of which you should be aware. It is important to know the underlying cause of the stroke and your risk factors for another one occurring. What is

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Newborn and mother's hands

What is a Postnatal Massage?

A postnatal, or postpartum, massage can be just as important and helpful as a prenatal session. Regulation of hormones, improved sleep, and increased milk production are just a few of the benefits. How Soon After Birth Can I Get a

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The Supraspinatus Muscle

The Supraspinatus Muscle

The Supraspinatus Muscle is located on the superior (upper) portion of the scapula. It is one of the four muscles that makes up the “rotator cuff.” The location of the Supraspinatus Muscle which lies on the superior surface of the

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Location of the Infraspinatus Muscle

The Infraspinatus Muscle

The Infraspinatus muscle is one of the four infamous “rotator cuff” muscles. It is located on the largest surface of the scapula, or shoulder blade. The Infraspinatus Muscle is located on the surface of the scapula. On the posterior (back)

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Massage for Parkinson's Disease

Massage for Parkinson’s Disease

Massage, when part of a comprehensive treatment plan, can be a valuable tool to maintain flexibility and range of motion in patients with Parkinson’s Disease. What is Parkinson’s Disease? Known as the “shaking palsy,” Parkinson’s Disease is a movement disorder

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Anxiety about our first appointment

Anxiety About Getting a Massage

Anxiety about getting a massage is not uncommon. Many clients feel some uncertainty about inviting a virtual stranger into their home to do bodywork. Many clients experience anxiety before their first appointment with a mobile massage therapist. Reddit user, SchopenhauersSon,

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A patient in a hospital bed. Medical massage is often performed in hospitals.

What is a Medical or Oncology Massage?

Medical or oncology massage is a specialized style customized for clients with chronic conditions. It is often performed in hospital rooms, nursing homes, and dialysis clinics. Who Should Get a Medical Massage? This style is especially suited for patients recovering

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Massage for Multiple Sclerosis

Massage can be supportive during the subacute or remission stages of Multiple Sclerosis. What is Multiple Sclerosis (MS)? Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease that attacks the myelin sheaths around both motor and sensory neurons (nerves) leading to paralysis. The

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