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Massage Aha!

Professional therapeutic massage therapy in Kansas City, MO by Aaron Harris, BCTMB

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Mobile Office Massage in Kansas City


Outside of offering a gigantic bonus to each of your Kansas City employees, there are few ways to reward your staff better than a mobile office massage.

Office Chair Massage is performed in a special chair while the client is completely clothed. Especially good for shoulder and neck tension, treating your staff to a short in-office massage can improve morale and productivity.

It’s also an excellent way to rejuvenate an office that is under a tight deadline and working long hours.

Mobile Office Chair Massage
Your happy employee receiving a mobile office chair massage.

How a Mobile Office Massage Works

I’ll come to your office and set up in an area that is relatively quiet. I’ll bring along a massage chair, sanitizing supplies, disposable face cradle covers, and lotions. I can provide appropriate music.

In smaller offices, allowing employees to walk up at any time usually works just fine. In medium and larger offices, it may be necessary to circulate a sign-up sheet to reserve a time and guarantee that each person gets a time slot.

Chair sessions usually last from 10 – 20 minutes, again, depending on the number of employees wishing to get a massage.

Larger offices will often require more than one therapist to accommodate all of your employees. Luckily, I have a large network of trusted massage therapists that I can bring along.

I charge for this service by the hour, per therapist, regardless of the total number of clients seen.

Massage Chair
A specially designed chair for massage.

Small Office Chair Massage Example

Let’s say your office has 15 employees. You’d like to give each employee a 20 minute session in one afternoon.

15 x 20 minutes = 5 hours X hourly rate (currently $100/hour*) = $500.

Medium-Sized Office Chair Massage Example

Your medium-sized office has 45 employees. You can spare each employee for 15 minutes. The day before your appointment, you circulate a sign up sheet that reserves the time for each employee.

45 X 15 minutes = 11 hours 15 minutes of massage time rounded up to the next full hour (12 hours) for a total of $1200. I bring a second massage therapist, additional chair, and supplies. We block off 6 hours of the day and your employees won’t be able to stop talking about how refreshed they feel after your generosity.

Large Office Chair Massage Example

Your office has several departments, each with around 50 employees. I’m more than happy to work out a schedule that can accommodate each of them.

I can bring additional therapists or break out departments into different days, whatever is necessary to provide your staff with an excellent experience. Feel free to contact me directly to iron out the details.

What a fun and needed experience for our office team! Aaron was quick to respond, organized and professional on all levels. His set up was awesome and he managed to turn a blah office into a relaxing and soothing environment with sound and scent and great vibes. Everyone wants him to come back like tomorrow.
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Megan H.
Corporate Massage Event Client

Chair Massage for Events

Chair Massage at a Convention
Happy customers and convention attendees receiving chair massage.

Doing a client-appreciation event? Are you setting up at a convention here in Kansas City and want to attract more people to your booth? Offering on-site chair massage is an excellent way to bring in new potential customers and offer your loyal buyers a reward.

The great thing about my mobile office chair massage service is that it’s, well, mobile! I can set up basically anywhere, at any time, and it’s completely flexible and scalable to accommodate your unique situation.

How to Book MassageAha for Your Chair Event

  • For sessions 8 or fewer massage hours long:
    • Click “Book Now
    • Select “Mobile Services” from the top of the page
    • Enter the address of your office or event where you’d like me to show up
    • Select a duration of up to 8 hours
    • Complete the booking.
  • For massage sessions requiring more than 8 hours (meaning multiple therapists and/or multiple days):
    • Visit the Contact Me link
    • Call, Text, or fill out the online form and I’ll respond as soon as possible to discuss your needs and develop a plan.

Whether you want to treat the staff in your office, attract customers at a convention, bring people to your honey booth at the local to Kansas City farmer’s market, or even offer a “thank you” to the patients in your waiting room, a mobile office chair massage is a great choice.

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