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Medical Insurance and Massage


As you can probably imagine, billing medical insurance for a massage therapy appointment can be daunting task.

Medical Insurance as Primary Payment

In order for me to accept your medical insurance as a primary payment type, a few conditions must be met:

  • A prescription for massage from your Primary Care Physician must be provided. This prescription MUST include the following information:
  • If your insurance company requires pre-authorization for referrals, you must provide documentation of pre-approval
  • You will need to complete my Client Intake Form
  • You will need to sign an Assignment of Benefits (AOB) form that I will provide before our session
    • An AOB is an agreement that allows your insurance company to submit payment for your sessions
    • It also states that you are personally responsible for any amount not covered by insurance
  • You will need to sign a Health Information Release as required by HIPAA. I will provide you with this form.

Medical Insurance Reimbursement

If you wish to pay me out-of-pocket for your massage session and request reimbursement from your medical insurance, similar to how most Vision and Dental plans works, please contact me and I can provide receipts and detailed notes on each massage therapy session to submit as proof of service.

Using Your HSA/Flexspend Account

Many patients maintain a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flex Spend account in addition to their health insurance. These accounts are pre-tax payroll deductions and can be used for many health-related purchases, including office visit co-pays, prescriptions, medical equipment, etc.

In most circumstances, you can use your HSA/Flex Spend debit card to pay for your mobile massage therapy sessions. Simply provide the card for payment and it will process as any other card. Occasionally, you will be asked to provide documentation for final approval. I am able to provide receipts and detailed session notes to assist with this process if required.

If you have any further questions about billing your medical insurance for mobile massage, I will be happy to discuss your situation with you.

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