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Massage For Pain and Fatigue


Recent studies are reinforcing evidence that massage therapy is effective at combating pain and fatigue. This is particularly true for cancer patients.

Massage After Breast Cancer Surgery

Woman holding her left shoulder in a sauna
Massage therapy can combat pain and fatigue.

One study supported by grants from the National Institute of Health showed substantial improvement in pain, mobility, and overall health among patients after breast cancer surgery.

Myofascial massage significantly reduced self-reported mobility limitations and overall health.

Another study found that a series of six weekly Swedish massage sessions resulted in a significant reduction in fatigue among breast cancer survivors who had surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy.

Massage for Chronic Low Back Pain and Arthritis

Other recent studies have focused on the benefits of massage therapy for people suffering from chronic low back pain and arthritis.

The Kentucky Pain Research and Outcomes Study found clinical improvement in quality of life after a series of 12 weekly massage therapy sessions.

Additionally, a systematic review of seven separate studies on massage therapy for arthritis found that massage is superior to nonactive therapies at reducing pain and fatigue.


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