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Massage Aha!

Professional therapeutic massage therapy in Kansas City, MO by Aaron Harris, BCTMB

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Liza C. – Kansas City North


“I was relieved that Aaron was able to come to my address. I can’t drive because of the limited movement in my arm and shoulder and I appreciated being in my own environment. If I wasn’t in so much pain, I would not be taking this risk during a pandemic, but Aaron was sensible, open, personable, and masked up (as was I). Prior to our meeting, we had an online discussion regarding the precautions he takes and expects from his clients, so I felt comfortable he was as proactive as I am. Aaron was punctual, efficient, polite, and unobtrusive. His assessment of my injury prior to touching me provided confidence. During the massage therapy itself, he was patient and approached painful areas and arm positions with care. He was professional and provided information and instruction – which I appreciated. I was guarded because of my own pain, but Aaron had a few clever tricks that helped distract and alleviate when manipulating areas that were previously too painful to touch. My shoulder feels a bit free-er today and I can lift my arm a little more than yesterday so I can already see a benefit. I also loved that he provided real music to listen to. I have booked my next session – I am encouraged by the progress so far.”

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